I took their portraits.

Let me take yours.

This service is free. Though I appreciate any donations to cover the cost of film and development.

Portraits are taken in downtown Chicago, IL. You'll receive directions in your confirmation email.

The sessions last just over an hour. Taking your portrait will take less than 10 minutes.

Upcoming Sessions

Monday Apr 6th, 6:30PM

  • Aly Fluckey
  • Leon Gersing
  • Lucas Willett
  • Rebecca Willett
  • Casey Cumbow
  • Dalal Alrayes
  • Adam Hockenberry
  • Paul Hinze

Thursday Mar 26th, 7:30PM

  • Ryan Briones
  • Tyler Wymer
  • tyler carroll
  • Lia James
  • David Lamps
  • David Lamps

Monday Dec 22nd, 6:00PM

  • Emily Owaki
  • Ashish Dixit
  • Ethan Gunderson
  • Gina Krieb
  • Jessica Gunderson
  • Jennifer Contraveos

Monday Dec 1st, 6:00PM

  • Alex Lang
  • ┬íTheo!
  • Francesca Garrett
  • Paige Crum

Monday Nov 10th, 6:00PM

  • Abi Noda
  • Jennie Chamberlin
  • Danny loiacono
  • Matt
  • Sam Blackman
  • Imogen
  • Ashish Dixit
  • Richard Baptist

Monday Oct 27th, 6:00PM

  • Mike Busch
  • santiago baus
  • Michael Kirlin
  • Carlo Francisco
  • Aerica Siegel
  • Abraham Sangha
  • Troy leach
  • Celeen Rusk
  • Helin Shiah

Monday Oct 13th, 6:00PM

  • Duke Greene
  • Sebastian Radloff
  • Ryan Bahniuk

Why I Do This


My name is Nate Delage. I'm not trained as a photographer, this isn't my profession and I'm still a beginner in many ways. Taking photos and portraits in particular is a hobby of mine. I do this for a number reasons.

I want to become a better photographer. Loading film and pressing the shutter on a regular basis is bound to improve my abilities.

I think everyone deserves a portrait. An honest, no distractions record of you at a particular time in your life.

Last, hanging out and taking pictures is just plain fun.

No Cost

You need one too

Yes, for free. I really prefer not to take your money. If I did, then this hobby would become a job – and who likes working? Shooting film does ultimately cost me money; about $1 for each picture. So I appreciate donations to help cover the cost of consumables.

There was a time when getting your portrait taken was something everyone did. You'd make an appointment at the local photography studio and sit still while the photographer adjusted the focus and then took your picture. That picture was a treasure, you'd keep it for years. It was probably framed and hung at home or placed on a table, surrounded by other portraits. Maybe a copy ended up in a spouse's jacket.

Consider how many pictures you have of yourself? Maybe they're all light hearted snapshots. Nothing too serious and they're likely surrounded by distractions (context). When taking a portrait, I'm most interested in photographs that lack context – with all focus on the subject.

I believe portraits are important and everyone deserves to have one.

Shooting Film

Mamiya RZ67-ProII

A prefer to shoot film. Photographing with film creates a more focused atmosphere, for both the photographer and the subject. I've shot with digital cameras for years and still enjoy them. But there's something visceral about recording an image by way of a chemical reaction.

My black & portraits are taken with 6x7cm medium format film. I primarily shoot Kodak TMAX 400 ISO film. The large negatives produce silky smooth tones and incredible detail, unavailable with any other process. I develop all black & white images myself. I really enjoy taking responsibility for the entire process.

Currently I'm unable to develop color film myself. So the color portraits have all been shot on Fuji FP-C100 instant film. It's not the highest quality process by any measure, but it's certainly adequate (and a ton of fun!).

I use a Mamiya RZ67-ProII camera and I shoot most portraits with a 180mm f/4.5 lens.